EAWOP Small Group Meeting “Selection and assessment in Europe: Recent Trends and challenges/advances”

Employee recruitment, selection and assessment is a topic of constant concern for applied psychology in Europe. It remains one of the most «attractive» subjects appealing to a large number of HR practitioners and researchers. However, serious concerns have been recently raised by a number of researchers regarding the usability of the current staffing models used in organizations (Cascio & Aguinis, 2008). Further, research and practise in selection do not seem to get along with the two of them drifting apart rather than moving on together despite the calls for evidence-based approaches in business and management (Anderson, 2005).

Selection is a broad topic of research and practise including various themes, from traditional areas, such as selection tools and methods (e.g. interviewing and psychometric tests) to more up-to-date and still under-researched areas, such the role of Social Media and the Internet on recruitment. Our aim is to bring together experienced and younger researchers of the field in an attempt to approach innovatively conservative topics in recruitment and selection but at the same time to provide an avenue for new research in our field in less well-established topics. Therefore, the Small Group Meeting (SGM) aims to explore a number of topics in recruitment, selection and assessment.

These are outlined, but are not restricted below:

  • New approaches in recruitment
  • Social Media and recruitment
  • Discriminatory issues in recruitment and selection
  • Developments in the selection interview
  • Psychometric assessment at work
  • New selection tools and methods
  • Applicant perspectives in recruitment and selection
  • Research in the criterion domain-job performance and contextual performance
  • Counterproductive work behaviour
  • Person-job, person organization and person-team fit – Multilevel selection

The Small Group Meeting will take place in Athens, Greece (21-23 June 2011) andwill only be open to conference participants. An event will take place on the evening of June 23 which will be open to the general public . Information about the event will be available during May.

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Organizing Panel:

Neil Anderson (Brunel University, UK)
Ioannis Nikolaou (Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece)
Jesus Salgado (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)



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