Wanted: HR Professionals with Social Media Skills

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Between May 26, 2011 and Aug. 24 2011, more than 1,000 new ads for HR occupations have included requirements for social media skills, nearly a 160 percent increase over the same period in 2010, according to WANTED Analytics.The firm, which collects detailed hiring-demand data, said those skills include being able to develop new recruiting strategies and source talent by using the Internet and social networking sites. Those candidates looking for social media HR jobs need to be abreast of new, innovative sourcing techniques and recruitment best practices and know how to utilize web searches, apps, job boards and social media sites to create community and generate leads. Candidates for these HR jobs should do more than tweet job openings or scour LinkedIn or Facebook pages in hopes of finding talent.WANTED said companies are looking for candidates who can:Direct web traffic to corporate career sites through social media channels.Proactively identify and attract passive talent through inexpensive sources such as social media.Build and maintain a pipeline of prospects through networking and social media research, while maintaining a “robust LinkedIn profile.”Learn and create Boolean search strings and perform advanced search techniques.Assist in placing employment ads to appropriate sources, to include websites, social media and other sources.
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