Facebook: An Indicator of Future Job Success? – CollegeRecruiter.com

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Employers may learn all they need to about potential employees through one popular social media website.

Researchers have tapped into what may become a new, and better, tool for human resource professionals trying to predict the success of job candidates. It’s called Facebook.

Don Kluemper, a professor of management at Northern Illinois University’s College of Business, and a team of researchers, found that impressions gleaned from a five to 10 minute perusal of Facebook pages were actually a stronger predictor of a candidate’s likelihood to excel in a job than the personality surveys that many companies require job candidates to complete.

Of course, human resource departments have been trolling Facebook profiles for almost as long as the social media site has existed. However, until now, there has been no statistical data to prove that the practice has value. The study did not take into account potential legalities regarding the practice.
Via www.collegerecruiter.com



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