New paper published: Exploring the role of social influence in promise beliefs and information acquisition among newcomers

This study investigates the role of social influence in newcomer promise beliefs and promise-related information by co-workers. During their first month on the job, 85 new recruits completed both a one-shot questionnaire and a diary booklet for 10 consecutive workdays. We examined two information sources: contract makers (e.g., managers) and facilitators (e.g., senior colleagues). Two information-gathering processes that newcomers use were also assessed: direct communications and monitoring. Newcomer’s reciprocation ideologies (creditor ideology and reciprocation wariness) were also assessed. Participants reported daily the promises received along with their sources and the information-gathering processes involved. A total of 601 promissory interactions were assessed. Analysis using multilevel random coefficient modelling demonstrated the importance of line managers and direct communication in promise beliefs. Both reciprocation ideologies related negatively to employer promises. Implications for theory, research, and practice are discussed.



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