Journal of Change Management Special Issue-Call for Papers

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Special Issue: Effects of Employees’ Reactions on Group and Organizational Level Outcomes   Guest Editors: Mel Fugate, Southern Methodist University Maria Vakola, Athens University of Economics and Business   Mel Fugate and Maria Vakola would like to invite you to contribute a manuscript for a special issue of the Journal of Change Management. The focus of this special issue is on the effects of employees’ reactions on higher level outcomes. While existing research on employees’ reactions is indeed valuable, it typically is quite narrowly focused on the implications for individual employees. We therefore strive to understand what implications employee reactions have beyond the individual employees, such as the implications for teams, departments, and larger organizations. The goal of this special issue is to advance our understanding of such issues and appeal to both conventional and broader audiences of change researchers. To this end, we invite theoretical and empirical papers from either quantitative or qualitative traditions. Among the questions we hope to answer:   1. What are the costs and benefits of change recipients’ reactions to teams, departments, and larger organizations? 2. How do employees’ reactions affect unit- or higher-level change outcomes (e.g., productivity and efficiency)? 3. How do managers’ react to organizational change? And what effects to their reactions have on employees (subordinates) and the larger organization?
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